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About PICS Global

PICS Global is a social enterprise serving smallholder family farmers by providing simple, safe, and affordable crop storage and other solutions that boost food security, incomes, local economies, and public health.

Our hermetic PICS Bag has revolutionized crop storage and made us the industry leader trusted by millions of family farmers.

When family farmers win, we win

What We Do

PICS Global provides small-scale farmers with the right product, in the right place and at the right time.

PICS Bags are an effective, cost-efficient, and insecticide-free on-farm storage solution.

The PICS Bag is a hermetic solution that eliminates post-harvest losses and the need for pesticides. The bag is made using low-cost technology, designed to ensure long-term crop storage, and guaranteed to be effective with most crops. The triple-bagging technology provides added insurance against crop loss and ensures that our bags are effective, tough, durable, and reusable.


million tons

Food Grain Stored Safely

US $1.8


Cash Benefit To Farmers

PICS Bags are an effective, cost-efficient, and insecticide-free on-farm storage.  This gives farmers the flexibility to sell their grains when they choose, when it is most profitable and while ensuring a healthy and clean food supply to their families and customers

Farmer’s Stories

Veronica Mwanza portrait photo

Previously, I would treat my grain with chemicals and pack in gunny bags, but it was not a successful storage method because of insect attacks. PICS bags have changed all that.

Veronica Mwanza – Smallholder Farmer

Anna Wambua portrait photo

Our grain would get damaged and we would incur losses. But now with these PICS bags, our grain now lasts longer, and our money is safe.

Anna Wambua – Grain Trader

Annah Nsiah portrait photo

The main challenge I have always faced in the business is the menace of weevils attacking and spoiling my peas whenever they are in store. Now with PICS bags, the peas look and smell fresh, as if they have just been brought from the farm. They are very effective; they keep your peas in good shape even after long storage.

Hannah Nsiah – Cowpea Farmer

Our Presence

Our journey is marked by African footprints. As we grow, we are quickly expanding into developing and emerging markets in other parts of the globe.

Our expanding network of licenced manufacturers, distributors and retailers make it possible for PICS to reach ever more smallholder family farmers in remote areas across the world.

PICS Global Licensees

Work with us

We have joined hands with a number of organisations who champion family farmers.

PICS Global cultivates partnerships between private and public sector organizations in order to build village-level agricultural supply chains.

Purdue Research Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
US Agency for International Development
Purdue University
United Nations World Food Programme
Sasakawa Africa Association
Once Acre Fund
Fiat Panis Foundation
Science For Humanity's Greatest Challenges

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